St Raphaels Buccaneers will use "Novillero" as their new opener, and a Fred Cartwright
arrangement of "Experiment In Terror" for concert. An all male color guard is recruited
replace the displaced females (none of whom, interestingly enough migrate to the new
Raphaels girls corps, but several find their way into the ranks of a couple of their former Bridgeport rivals and "Father George" replaces "Father Louie" as the Parish Moderator.
 uniforms are also in the works for "Opening Night" at Caragiel Hall.

COMMANDER ................................... WARREN McDONALD
BUGLE INSTRUCTOR .......................... FRED CARTWRIGHT
DRUM INSTRUCTOR .......................... JOSEPH GAUDETT
DRILL INSTRUCTOR .......................... JACK SULLIVAN
CORPS NURSE .................................. MRS. ALICE LEE

St Raphaels and the PAL Cadets enter several bugle quartet shows, while individual
players from four of the area juniors do well in "individual" shows with sopranos
baritones from PAL, the Lancers and St Raphaels "medaling" in several New York
& New
Jersey contests.

The Bridgeport Post newspaper begins to run a column featuring the goings on of the
corps in their Sunday Post edition.

St Raphaels outpoints the Pittsfield Boys Club "Cavaliers" at a standstill contest held
in New
Britian (81.00 to 79.00), and becomes the first (and only) Connectiuct juniorcorps to perform at the Drum Corps Newscert program  titled "An Evening Withhe Corps at Carnagie Hall

4 September 1963
St Raphaels Edges Kingsmen
By Jack Deacy

"New Britian Conn Aug 17: The streaking St Raphaels Buccaneers continued their dominationof the Greater New York Circuit here tonight with a slim victory over the New York Kingsmen. The Bridgeport corps was high in all captions but one posting an 82.20 to extend their unbeaten skein in loop competation. St Anne's Loyalaires, another Bridgeport unit finished in fourth place with a score of 77.07".

Speaking for all of us"
"At the top of the stairs, we were hurriedly but silently directed to our formation behind
tall beige curtain.  Someone was speaking to the house, but it seemed far away and unconnected.  Oddly, hushed commands came in rapid succession"  "Ten-hut"!  "Dress
center, Dress"!  "Ready Front"!"
"Suddenly, the curtain opened and spots and footlights nearly blinded us.  Squinting, I could make out the edge of the stage, boom stands holding Dick Blake's microphones and finally, the peoplein the balconies that seemed stacked one upon the other to the sky"."It was May 18, 1963:  I was 16 years old and standing on the stage at Carnagie Hall".Frank Dorritte 1963-1973    From "A History of Drum Corps Vol #2" Long Island SunrisersUsed with permission .

The World Open
Jersey City NJ
14 September 1963

Junior Preliminaries

1 88.15 Blessed Sacrament

2 85.76 Chicago Royal Airs

3 85.28 St Kevins

4 85.18 Garfield Cadets

5 84.71 Boston Crusaders

6 80.18 Bridgeport PAL Cadets

7 79.21 St Raphaels

8 78.20 Irwin Kingsmen

9 76.56 Pittsfield Cavaliers

10 75.76 Conn Royal Lancers

11 75.66 St Roccos Cadets

12 75.33 OLPH Ridgemen

13 75.26 Grenidiers

14 70.36 Little Falls Cadets

15 69.10 Staten Island Lawmen

16 65.83 St Josephs Patron

17 62.50 Poughkeepsie Pacers

18 60.08 Troy Skyliners

19 51.58 New Britian Highlndrs

World Open Juniors Finals

1 86.06 Blessed Sacrament

2 81.43 Garfield Cadets

3 80.83 St Kevins

4 80.33 Chicago Royal Airs

5 80.26 Boston Crusaders

6 74.85 Bridgeport PAL Cadets

7 71.55 St Raphaels

8 71.26 Pittsfield Cavaliers

9 71.03 Irwin Kingsmen

10 69.61 Conn Royal Lancers