Joe Genero is the new horn instructor/arranger at St. Raphael's, as the corps
learns an entirely new musical program for 1964. New numbers include "Blow
Gabriel", "Cry Me a River", "Out of Nowhere", "How the West Was Won" and
"The Shelter of Your Arms". Some dozen "Musketeers" are brought into the
Bucc's as well as a large influx of personnel from the defunct Scarlet Knights.
Jack Sullivan and Joe Gaudette return as drill and drum instructors. Warren
MacDonald is corps director and Father George Delillio is Parish Moderator.
Skippy Charles Gallant and George Carfi are 1964s DM and guard captain.

St Raphael's competes in an early season standstill at a Jersey City contest
previewing their all new Genero program and placing second (92.3 to 87 8)
to the Vasella Musketeers. St Anne's upsets arch-rival Royal Lancers at the
St Raphael's standstill while Blessed Sacrament tops the Selden Cadets for
the trophy.

The Buccaneers hold their first ever weekend corps camp at "Camp Palmer",
and complete the final two thirds their marching program in a record two days.
The Bridgeport Sunday Post newspaper continues to highlight the activities ofthe
 areas drum corps. All of the area juniors host Metro Guard Circuit contests at Bullard Havens Tech, and provide previews of their 1964 musical programs in post contests exibitions.


Buccaneers Edge Kingsmen, OLPH In
Rain At Dumont Show

"Dumont NJ 6 June 1964 The Dumont Police Cadets held their 8th Annual Contest here tonightat the Dumont HS Athletic Field. Aside from intermittent rain showers and passing trains, some 300 people present were treated to what promises to be a tight race for the GNY Circuit Championship with the Bridgeport Bucc's winning."

"The largest corps of the night was the Bridgeprt Conn St Raphaels Buccaneers. The Bucc'sfeatured a powerfull hornline that played "Cry Me A River" and "Right Time". AnotherConnecticut unit, the Grenidiers put on a creditable show. "Everythings Comming Up Roses, and the theme from "Peter Gunn" were this corps outstanding numbers".

Buccaneers Edge Kingsmen, OLPH in
Rain At Dumont Show

Dumont NJ 6 June 1964

1 73.90 St Raphaels Buccaneers

2 71.57 Irwin Kingsmen

3 71.28 OLPH Ridgemen

4 66.08 Little Falls Cadets

5 65.09 New Britian Grenidiers

6 62.57 Jersey Cyclones

7 59.86 Staten Island Lawmen

Milford CT June 27,1964  

1     St. Raphael's Golden Buccaneers     80.180
2     St. Ann's Loyalaires     70.200
3     New Britian Grenadiers     69.550
4     Little Falls Cadets     68.680
5     Minisink Warriors     63.180